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YouMakeTech Klipper Print Settings

Below are my print settings for Klipper. I typically use 2 profiles, one for rapid prototyping, and one for high quality. Faster speeds are achievable with Klipper but my goal is NOT to reach the ultimate speed to print a 3D benchy! I want to print fast parts at good quality.

Printer Configuration

Klipper Configuration

3d benchy racing
Rapid prototypingSuper qualityFlexible TPU
[extruder] nozzle_diameterFor 0.4mm Nozzle: 0.4
For 0.8mm Nozzle: 0.8
[extruder] filament_diameter1.75
[extruder] max_extrude_only_velocityDefault
[extruder] max_extrude_only_accelDefault
[extruder] pressure_advanceFor E3D V6: 0.04
For E3D Volcano: 0.02
[extruder] pressure_advance_smooth_time0.04
[printer] max_velocity300
[printer] max_accelFor 0.4mm Nozzle: 3000
For 0.8mm Nozzle: 1000
[printer] max_accel_to_decel30001000 10001000
[printer] square_corner_velocity5
[bltouch] z_offsetFor 230/70°C:
– For glass bed
– For E3D V6: 2
– For E3D Volcano: 2.5

For magnetic bed, decrease these values by 0.2
[input_shaper] shaper_freq_xFor BMG E3D V6 Direct Drive: 77.8
For BMG E3D Volcano Direct Drive: 77.0
[input_shaper] shaper_type_x3hump_ei
[input_shaper] shaper_freq_yFor glass bed: 33.6
For magnetic bed: 38.6
[input_shaper] shaper_type_ymzv

Ultimaker Cura Settings for Klipper

3d benchy racing
Rapid prototypingSuper qualityFlexible TPU
[Quality] Layer Height0.25mm0.25mm0.20mm0.20mm
[Quality] Initial Layer Height 0.25mm0.25mm0.20mm0.20mm
[Quality] Line Width0.5mm0.4mm0.4mm0.4mm
[Walls] Wall Line Count2232
[Walls] Optimize Wall Printing OrderTrueTrueTrueTrue
[Walls] Wall OrderingInside To OutsideInside To OutsideInside To OutsideInside To Outside
[Walls] Compensate Outer Wall OverlapFalseFalseFalseFalse
[Walls] Compensate Inner Wall OverlapsFalseTrueTrueTrue
[Walls] Fill Gaps Between WallsNowhereEverywhereEverywhereEverywhere
[Walls] Filter Out Tiny GapsTrueTrueFalseFalse
[Walls] Z Seam AlignmentShortestUser SpecifiedUser SpecifiedUser Specified
[Walls] Z Seam Positionn/aBackBackBack
[Walls] Seam Corner PreferenceNoneSmart HidingSmart HidingSmart Hiding
[Top/Bottom] Top Layers3353
[Top/Bottom] Bottom Layers3353
[Top/Bottom] Top/Bottom PatternZig ZagLinesLinesLines
[Top/Bottom] Top/Bottom Initial LayerZig ZagLinesLinesLines
[Top/Bottom] Monotonic Top/Bottom OrderFalseTrueTrueTrue
[Infill] Infill Density6%15%6%4%
[Infill Pattern]Zig ZagGyroidGyroidGyroid
[Material] Printing Temperature230°C220°C (210°C for black)220°C (190°C for black)230°C
[Material] Print Temperature Initial Layer230°C220°C220°C220°C
[Material] Build Plate Temperature70°C50°C (with glue)
70°C (no glue)
50°C (with glue)
70°C (no glue)
50°C (no glue)
[Material] Flow100%100%100%100%
[Speed] Print Speed150mm/s150mm/s120mm/s50mm/s
[Speed] Infill Speed150mm/s150mm/s120mm/s50mm/s
[Speed] Outer Wall Speed150mm/s120mm/s60mm/s25mm/s
[Speed] Inner Wall Speed150mm/s150mm/s120mm/s25mm/s
[Speed] Top/Bottom Speed150mm/s150mm/s60mm/s25mm/s
[Speed] Support Infill Speed150mm/s120mm/s120mm/s25mm/s
[Speed] Support Roof Speed150mm/s120mm/s120mm/s25mm/s
[Speed] Support Floor Speed150mm/s120mm/s120mm/s25mm/s
[Speed] Travel Speed300mm/s250mm/s250mm/s150mm/s
[Speed] Initial Layer Speed150mm/s30mm/s30mm/s20mm/s
[Speed] Initial Layer Speed Travel Speed300mm/s150mm/s150mm/s100mm/s
[Speed] Skirt/Brim Speed60mm/s60mm/s60mm/s20mm/s
[Speed] Number of Slower Layers1112
[Speed] Z Hop Speedn/an/a5mm/sn/a
[Travel] Enable RetractionEnabledEnabledEnabledEnabled
[Travel] Retraction Distance0.3mm1mm1mm1mm
[Travel] Retraction Speed80mm/s50mm/s50mm/s50mm/s
[Travel] Retraction Extra Prime Amount0mm30mm30mm30mm3
[Travel] Combing ModeOffNot in SkinOffNot in Skin
Z Hop When RetractedFalseFalseTrueFalse
Z Hop Heightn/an/a0.24mmn/a
[Cooling] Enable Print CoolingEnabledEnabledEnabledDisabled
[Cooling] Fan Speed100%100%100%0%
[Cooling] Initial Fan Speed0%0%0%n/a
[Cooling] Regular Fan Speed at Layer122n/a
[Cooling] Minimum Layer Time0s15s15s15s
[Cooling] Minimum Speedn/an/a15mm/s10mm/s
[Cooling] Lift HeadFalseFalseFalseFalse
[Support] Generate SupportFalseTrueTrueTrue
[Support] Support Structuren/aNormalNormalNormal
[Support] Support Placementn/aTouching BuildplateTouching BuildplateTouching Buildplate
[Support] Support Overhang Anglen/a38° (calculated)45° (calculated)38° (calculated)
[Support]Support Patternn/aZig ZagZig ZagZig Zag
Build Plate Adhesion TypeSkirt/BrimSkirt/BrimSkirt/BrimSkirt
Skirt Line Count1133
Skirt Distance10mm10mm10mm10mm
Skirt/Brim Minimum Length100mm100mm250mm250mm
Cura Print Settings for Klipper and Sunlu PLA+