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BMG E3D V6 Direct Drive for Ender 3 (Pro/V2) & CR-10

Ready to push your Ender 3 to the next level?

Convert your Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro/ Ender 3 V2 or CR-10 to direct-drive by combining some of the best components available for 3d printing: the BondTech BMG extruder and the E3D V6 hotend.

Design requirements for the BMG E3D V6 Direct-Drive for Ender 3

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this direct-drive. As Albert Einstein might says: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”. This direct-drive is unlike any other. It was designed after trying a dozen other models and improved on the basis of this experience. This direct drive makes no compromises and is designed with unique requirements:

  • Designed in France!
  • No compromises: This adapter has been specially optimized for the E3D V6 / BondTech BMG/ BLTouch combo. These 3 components are some of the best & time-proven components available for 3d printing. Get trouble-free extrusion and perfect 1st layer each and every print. Goodbye clogging, goodbye under-extrusion, goodbye manual adjustment of the z-offset with a sheet of paper : Just print!
  • Easy to print, install & maintain: high accessibility and no adjustments: Only 3 parts to print. Can be completely disassembled and reassembled in minutes, without having to readjust anything. Allow to reach the highest accuracy/repeatability. No need to periodically change the PTFE tube thanks to the all-metal hotend.
  • Perfect retractions and better print quality: The hotend is directly connected to the extruder. The PTFE tube length is only 37mm! This results in more responsive extrusion, cleaner starts & stops and perfect retractions. Compatible with flexible filaments/TPU
  • Optimized for Klipper: The high stiffness of the printhead results in less vibrations and allows high accelerations/decelerations
  • Minimalist, compact & lightweight
  • Optimized & highly efficient cooling: Reach high print speeds (up to 150 mm/s), get perfect bridges & overhangs
  • Cable management: Cables attached with zip ties, cleaner setup, less noise and vibrations
  • Good visibility on the nozzle: Allow to monitor the first layer and to tune the z-offset in real-time
  • No reduction in print volume : 230x230x250 mm
  • Easy to print: can be printed support free, only 3 parts to print
  • Firmware provided: Marlin & Klipper firmware available for download (configuration files and binaries)

Parts you need to make the BMG E3D V6 Direct-Drive for Ender 3

Download the .STL files for the BMG E3D V6 Direct-Drive
BondTech BMG extruder (Standard Version)
E3D V6 hotend (24V Direct Drive)


E3D REVO 6 (24V)


Phaetus Dragon ST or HF

Antclabs BLTouch


Creality CRTouch

M3 Hex Socket Head Cap Screws Bolts Nuts Washers Assortment Kit
M3x40mm bolt (x1)
M3x45mm bolts (x2)
M3x20mm bolts (x2)
M3x8mm bolts (x4)
M3 nuts (x4)
STEPPER MOTOR (optional)
Usongshine Nema 17 Stepper Motor (17HS4023)
5015 Blower Fan (24V)

JST Plug Connector 2 Pins Male Female
Zip Ties 2.5 mm/0.07 inch wide
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Slicing the parts

I printed these parts in Sunlu PLA+. My print settings (Ultimaker Cura):

  • Layer Height: 0.25 mm
  • Line Width: 0.4 mm
  • Wall Thickness: 0.8 mm (=2 walls)
  • Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.75 mm (=3 layers)
  • Infill Density: 20%
  • Infill Pattern: Cubic
  • Printing Temperature: 230 deg C
  • Build Plate Temperature: 70 deg C
  • Enable Print Cooling: Enabled
  • Fan Speed: 100%
  • Initial Fan Speed: 0%
  • Regular Fan Speed at Layer: 2
  • Generate Support: Enabled
  • Support Placement: Touching Buildplate

The parts are oriented like shown on the image below:

Recommended print orientation (with supports from build plate enabled)

Assembly of the BMG E3D V6 Direct-Drive for Ender 3

BMG E3D V6 firmware for Ender 3

Download the Marlin firmware for this configuration on GitHub

Download the Klipper firmware for this configuration on GitHub


Measured Resonances (Klipper)

Below are the measured resonances of my setup. These are provided for information only as they vary from printer to printer and must therefore be measured for each printer.

Unfortunately, the max acceleration possible with the Ender 3 is still limited by the Y axis due to the bed slinger design.


Chris “I have literally been looking for this mount for over a year. I’ve used all the popular ones like Hero Me and Petsfang and always felts they were too bulky, complex, and also separated the BMG from the V6 (I use a Revo Six). I also run Klipper, and you providing the offset and config for BLTouch and bed mesh is amazing, thanks! Bravo, excellent work!”

Cameron “Love the E3D and BMG setup. Keep up the good work!!”

unklez “I got my first printer (Ender3 v2) like a week ago and already done these upgrades with genuine hardware. 100% works perfect and fast with supplied models and firmware. Very happy thanks!”

Wolfgang “Thanks a lot for your fast reply! … What a great support! I’m happy to contribute to your work by buying your 3D designs.”

showmeez “Just wanted to say thanks for the design. Finished building this a few weeks back using some clone parts I had kicking around and finally fitted it today (also installed Klipper last week, oddly enough). It’s running on a dual Z modded Ender 3 v2 clone, so the whole thing is about as budget as it gets. Only run a couple of leveling prints so far while I dial in Z and get things squared away before tuning properly and I’m already liking the responsiveness.”

aleex8899: “This design is pretty good, but I think it could be easier to assemble if you explain where is the correct place to put the different length screws. In addition one improvable thing can be the ziptie holes, they are very small and they break so easily. My ender 3 pro is printing awesome now. Thanks”

Pafrro “This design is amazing btw. I’ve been able to push up the print speed a bit and everything is printing perfectly. Got 3dbency out in about 1 hour 30 minutes at 02mm on a 0.4mm and the quality is better than the 0.12 I was doing with 0.2mm tip with almost double the print speed. Thanks so much for your hard work!!”

Oniric “I finished to mount it and it works very well ! Very steady and stable. I didn’t used the backplate (the small one I was talking about). Is it an important part ? What does it do? Thanks for your work 🙂 First buy on cult and I’m very happy about it :)”

Change Log

  • 20220207: v17 -> v29: Update the Auto Bed Leveling bracket to be compatible with both the BLTouch and CR Touch
  • 20211113: BMGV6_Plate v10 -> v17: Lower nozzle 2.95mm to increase clearance with lower carriage nut + Add part BMGV6_BackBrace to increase stiffness
  • 20211112: BMGV6_Plate v6 -> v10 : Add mounting holes for Ender 3 V2 (using OneArmedTRex remix & Ender 3 v2 X-carriage from BalintFurstner ) + Supports for BMG Extruder to increase stiffness
  • 20210819 : Initial Release: BMGV6_Plate v6 + BMGV6_FanDuct v18