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Programming an Arduino Robot with Python

In today’s episode, we will be programming a simple Arduino robot with Python! The robot is a 3d printed robotic arm from Thingiverse and is controlled by 4 servo motors: 3 to control the axes and one to open and close the hand. The robot is connected to the computer using an Arduino Uno board. We will be flashing the Arduino with a special program called StandardFirmata which allows to control all Arduino pins from the PC, by communicating with the Arduino over USB. This makes possible to control the Arduino remotely from the Python shell or from a Python script. We will write Python scripts of increased complexity to control the robot and to perform funny tasks!

Table of Contents

What you need…

1xELEGOO Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit
3xMG90S servos
1xSG90 servo for the gripper
1xOptional SG90 servo for the ramp
1xM2 M3 M4 assortment
Screws, Nuts and washers
Stainless Steel, Hex Socket Head Cap
1xSet of 4 Hexagonal Screwdrivers
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